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Man having laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a process that locates and treats the darker hair, which is usually the most difficult to get rid of as it is coarse and thick. For lighter hair removal, see our electrolysis services.

Hair solutions for men and women

Does it hurt?

• Hair removal for all areas of the body available

• LightSheer technology

• Permanent removal options

• Get treatment based on your body

• No wax, chemicals, or shaving

Consider LightSheer and laser hair removal options. Talk to our staff to see if this is an option for you.


We offer multiple hair reduction and removal processes. Electrolysis & Laser Center offers solutions for permanent hair reduction. Talk to our electrologist to determine which process is right for your hair type and location.

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Get the most effective hair removal solution

Laser hair removal is a more effective solution for most people.

Laser leg hair removal